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Expense tracking

Accurately tracking your business  income and expenses is the foundation of successful bookkeeping for your business. Never miss uncaptured income or a deduction of an expense. I am trained and knowledgeable in capturing both. 

Accounts Receivable

Accounts Payable


Accounts Receivable - The amount owed to your business by your customers. Let me help to Invoice, track, organise and ensure payment is received in a timely manner.

Accounts Payable - Money owed to your suppliers / vendors. I can organise, track and submit payment ensuring no bill is ever missed or late, saving money. 


Payroll for your employees that works for your business. From EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer / Direct Deposit), cheque's and software management solutions. T4 preparation, WCB and

Payroll tax preparation.


Keeping your financial records & reports organised is an important aspect of your business.  Let me help you. Weekly to Monthly bank & credit card reconciliation, filing GST, PST return's and preparing financial reports will save time with your accountant.

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